“Celebrating 10 years
in Professional Training”


Your language skills determine how successful you are on both a professional level and a personal level. Language plays predominant role in achieving your goals.

Our ‘unique and tailor-made’ approach means that we look at each assignment with a new pair of eyes, making sure that we fully understand your desired outcome and objectives. We will not just make you speak “English” we will enhance your “Communication Skills” as well.

This special trailer made programme is for all those who are in need to have the different level of skills of speaking and writing English. All learners of different ages and different educational background are welcome to join this programme.

Our English Language Training Programme contents with 12 levels.

 Beginner Level (Level 1 to 6)

 Intermediate Level (Level 7 to 9)

 Advance Level (Level 10 to 12)

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